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My Motley Meanderings

I Hit Turbo but Nothing Happened

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Alex Holden
I'm working on changing career to become a maker of traditional handcrafted concertinas - see my other blog over at Holden Concertinas, which is syndicated here as holdenconcas.
I drive a 1963 Morris Minor Traveller called Fenchurch and a 1969 Morris Minor two-door saloon called Lintilla.
Fenchurch on Orkney
Lintilla under a rainbow in Glen Coe

I have a bachelor's degree in Robotic and Electronic Engineering from the University of Salford, which isn't nearly as exciting as it sounds. It was primarily an electronics course with a bit of theoretical robotics bolted on the side, and I seemed to spend more time doing maths than anything else.

I'm an atheist, a sceptic, and politically liberal.

I'm currently single.

If you're on my friends' list, here is my contact details post. Otherwise, you can find my email address on my website.

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