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Steam Sparky, Sparky

Signs I may be losing my mind #579

Inspired by Pac Gentleman and Pongmechanik and of course The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition, I just spent an hour in the bath trying to devise an electromechanical computer that could drive a Tetris fairground game. Of course I could cheat and hide a microcontroller in the base (I've already implemented Tetris in C), but there's something terribly appealing to me about the idea of a clicking whirring machine that could theoretically have been built as far back as 1835 (when the relay was invented).


:-D Exactly?

I'm afraid I'm coming at this from the mechanical viewpoint and starting from scratch- I have to say my knowledge of programming can be expressed as the simple factor, Nil. I don't think I'd know a logic gate if it bit me on the bum.. Not that it's likely to.

I am however warmed greatly by the fact you can make them from rubber bands and cotton reels...