Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Random update

OK, I know I've been lax in updating my journal for the past few weeks. Work got pretty hectic for a while but I can't go into details in a public post. I guess it's time for another random update:

Beyond Cyberdrome has a theme for 2008: The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition. Be there or be a retro-Luddite. (Hmm. That slogan may need a little work.)

Orbital 2008 has a Facebook event group thingy, created by Tony Lee of The Zone.

This time next weekend I'll be on my way up to Glasgow for Satellite 1, a one-day convention celebrating 50 years since the USSR started the space race by successfully launching Sputnik 1.

Since the last time I posted a Minor Update, I've (among other things) replaced Fenchurch's front suspension dampers, steering gaiters, and top trunnion bushes. I've also sorted out another year's MOT, insurance, and tax. I still need to get around to replacing the timing cover oil seal and building a heater. I've also noticed that the rear springs have sagged a bit and could probably do with replacing, as could various bushes and the rear dampers (though they did just get through an MOT). First gear is getting noisier too and she tends to pop out of gear when you accelerate in first unless you hold the stick in, so I need to start looking out for a good replacement box. She's due a service (oil change etc.) fairly soon too.

My new camera is working nicely, but typically I haven't had the opportunity yet to take any pictures with it other than test shots around the house.
Tags: beyond cyberdrome, cons, morris minor, orbital 2008, photography, satellite 1, work

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