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Hijinks Ensue

That "Career Matchmaker" meme

Seeing as everyone else and their dog has already done it, here are my top ten results from the Career Matchmaker quiz (username: nycareers, password: landmark).

1. Mechanical Engineering Tech
2. Drafter
3. Model Maker
4. Farm Equipment Mechanic
5. Heavy Equipment Mechanic
6. Automobile Mechanic
7. Diesel Mechanic
8. Aircraft Mechanic
9. Small Engine Mechanic
10. Motorcycle Mechanic

What I actually do isn't anywhere in the top 40; the closest is "Computer Engineer" at number 32.
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I must be the last person to do this then. OK,here goes:

1. Diving Instructor
2. Fitness Instructor
3. Personal Trainer
4. Firefighter
5. Kinesiologist
6. Speech-Language Pathologist
7. Music Teacher / Instructor
8. Animal Trainer
9. Foreign Language Instructor
10. ESL Teacher

Interesting. We will ignore the first on the grounds that I swim slightly less well than a one-legged camel with arthritis. I am, in fact, a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and (occasional, and now pretty much lapsed) Sports Therapist (which seems to be a reasonably close match for Kinesiologist, except at a much lower level), so that's numbers two, three and five. I quite wanted to be a firefighter (in a vague sort of way) but have always assumed that at five foot four, skinny and with glasses it wouldn't be a good idea. Nice idea though. Leave out number nine on the grounds that I don't speak any foreign languages, and I'd be quite happy with the others.

It's got me pretty much bang to rights then!
I've never even heard of kinesiology. I first did the questionnaire a couple of days ago and the top result that time was printing press operator, which is just bizarre. I wouldn't mind being a mechanic if the pay wasn't so poor. I don't have the artistic ability or patience to be a draughtsman (though coincidentally my dad started out as one before he moved to QA). I'd love to be a professional modelmaker but I don't have the talent for it.
I hadn't heard of it either, but wikipedia proved fairly informative. Printing press operator is strange - is there much call for it these days? I'd be happy with mechanic too, though probably wouldn't be that good.

With model making I'm not convinced talent is as necessary as application, attention to detail and the willingness to put a lot of work into it. Talent certainly helps, but wouldn't get you as far on its own as the others would. Though I'm probably talking rubbish as usual.
I've built fairly simple models from kits, but modelling something from scratch to a professional standard needs the artistic skills of a sculptor and a painter, which I don't have. I once got shown around a model making workshop in Manchester, and the stuff they were doing there looked incredible.
Couple Number 4 to your passion for obsolete tech (Fenchurch etc) and I can offer a challenging experience servicing a combine and baler both older than you are!
You're offering to show me your slightly worn combine 'arvester? ;)

I can give you a hand if you like but I won't pretend to know my way around farm machinery (unless you count a Series Landy). Do you have a service manual and the necessary tools?
I would say that, given your adventures with Fenny, all of those < something > mechanic are quite accurate. In the right field, if nothing else.
Iwas thinking something along those lines too. Maybe he should take the hint and change career!
My number one is "technical writer" and actually I think that fits very well; writing was the only thing I checked as "like very much" so it's not a surprise, but I find myself to be the person that everyone asks to look over draft letters, and I once sent some stuff to O'Reilly and they said they liked my style, but the topic wasn't really appropriate and did I have another one? (And I didn't, so I left it.)