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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

MOT success

Fenchurch went through her MOT today without any trouble. I received two advisories: oil leak and coolant leak. In fact the coolant system suffers from nothing worse than a radiator cap that weeps slightly when hot (she's used less than 100ml of water in 3400 miles), and the oil leaks are pretty normal for a 1960s British motor (it's an occasional drip from multiple locations, not a constant trickle from a blown seal). I'm not complaining too hard though; a pass is a pass, I'm not obligated to fix the advisories, and they aren't safety defects.


Hurrah for Fenchurch!

I have to say, when mine was MOT'd, it was leaking just about every fluid possible, with the exception of brake fluid.. Mind you, they'd probably just reached the point of desperation by then, and just wanted shot of the thing..