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Hijinks Ensue


I just got back from a work-related junket to the Computer Trade Show and the IFSEC show (CCTV cameras and the like) at the NEC in Birmingham.

This post is just a bit of silliness. If you're not interested in seeing pictures of *ahem* interestingly dressed young women, skip on past.

Otherwise, here are a few of the exhibitors who particularly caught my attention:




LJD Digital Security

Dedicated Micros

My personal favourite, these lovely girls from Norbain (again) had the thankless task of handing a carrier bag to every single visitor going through one of the two main doors.

There were some other, shall we say mobile exhibitors wandering around the halls who also caught my attention, but they didn't stop moving long enough for me to ask if I could take their picture.

Lastly, here is my boss, Richard, to whom thanks are due for making the junket possible.