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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

LEO update

I'm at Goonhilly Down Earth station. Have successfully avoided temptation to check email at free web cafe. Heading to Lizard Point soon.


A free internet cafe? *sigh*
It was free in the sense that it didn't cost any more after you'd already paid to get into the place. They claimed it was the fastest web cafe in Europe or something because they're linked into the transatlantic fibre landing stations. Unfortunately BT (who own Goonhilly Down) are transferring their operations to somewhere else and are gradually knocking down all the dishes, apart from Arthur, who is about a year older than Fenchurch and has listed building status.

That was the longest I've been away from the Internet since I toured Iceland four years ago. The problem is it's going to take days to catch up with all my email, LJ posts, forum posts, etc. not to mention all the stuff I have to do for work.