Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

Since getting back from Teledu, I've worked out a rough itinerary and booked all my accommodation for the LEO run, dug various camping gear out of the loft and discovered that quite a bit has gone missing/got broken since the last time I used it (many years ago), pitched my tent in the living room, washed my sleeping bag, went to the giant car boot sale at Clitheroe and failed to find any camping gear for sale (somewhat bizarrely - maybe it had all been bought up already by the time I got there), and bought some overpriced pans in Millets and an airbed from Argos (those foam pad things are crap). I still need to find a decent lamp and a few other things.

I've also:
  • Informed the DVLA and my insurance company of Fenchurch's change of colour.
  • Converted her to Negative Earth and replaced the battery terminals with the clamp type. This is mainly a prerequisite to fitting various negative earth equipment like the electronic ignition, rev counter, stereo, etc.
  • Changed the engine oil and filter after running a bottle of flushing detergent through it.
  • Fiddled with the carb settings because the idle was too fast and the choke wasn't working right.
  • Moved the back door hinges a bit because the doors were banging into each other at the top.
  • Checked and adjusted all the brakes, discovering in the process that one of the rear hub oil seals has started leaking and will need replacing ASAP.
  • Greased the trunnions and track rod ends. While doing this I noticed that one of the steering gaiters has split and will need replacing because oil squirts out of it every time I apply tight lock.
  • Replaced the driver's side door interior light switch, then realised there was probably nothing wrong with the old one; the problem was that the terminal was shorting against the inner wing.
  • Wasted most of an afternoon trying unsuccessfully to repair a faulty £6 part which I bought it so long ago that I would have difficulty locating the receipt for it. In hindsight not a very good use of my limited time, but before I started it looked like it would only take half an hour to fix.
  • Started making a template for the new instrument panel. It's going to go in place of the driver's side glovebox and will contain a rev counter, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, and water temperature gauge. They're all classic Smiths instruments with chrome bezels and look very shiny.

Strangely, the timing cover oil seal has stopped leaking without having done anything except buy the parts I need to replace it. I'm not sure why. There's still plenty of oil in the engine...
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