Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

LEO Itinerary

I've pretty much sorted out my itinerary for the Land's End to Orkney rally, but a list in a text file and a forum post weren't geeky enough for me so I entered it into Google Maps.

Has anyone got any suggestions for places, people, and things I should try to see on the journey? Preferably nothing that's going to require a large diversion or a long interruption to the journey. So far I'm meeting someone from the MMOC forum in Cheddar and somebody else in Penzance, I'm staying with another MMOCer on Orkney, I'm going to the Orkney Vintage Rally, and I'm stopping off at Wigtown and paying a visit on At the Sign of the Dragon on the way back.
Tags: leo, morris minor

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