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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

Fenchurch has become slightly incontinent in her old age

The weekend's long run has disturbed Fenchurch's timing cover oil seal such that she now produces a slow drip of dirty black oil from the front of her engine the whole time it's running. Mum was not best pleased when she noticed the result on her stone-flag drive. I'll probably renew the timing chain at the same time as replacing the seal because it's only slightly more work.


I was admiring her in the car park over the weekend. You don't see many Morris Minors of any description these days, especially such a fine specimen (apologies if she is technically something else, I'm no good with cars). How old is she?
Thanks :)

She's 44 years old and I've spent the past year carrying out a fairly extensive renovation (the boring details are all on here under the "Morris Minor" tag). I got her back on the road a week ago after working till late every day for weeks, hence why I didn't manage to finish preparing the stuff for my programme items until I got to the con. Two weeks from now I'm planning to drive down to Land's End to take part in a Land's End to Orkney rally.
Wherefore? the nose end of the crank isn't running slightly out of true, is it?
Mind you, mine leaks just about everywhere. Sump plug, timing cover, crankcase breather, clutch bellhousing (hey, that's what the split-pin's for..) gearbox nose, differential...
I'm not sure why it would be. I suspect what's happened is a crust of gunge had built up inside the seal over the decades and was stopping it leaking. Running at high speed for a few hours washed the gunge off and now the worn and brittle rubber seal can no longer keep the oil in on its own. The oil on the dipstick is noticeably blacker than it was before the weekend. I'm going to change the oil and filter again this weekend, probably after putting a can of that flushing detergent in then belting down the motorway to wash out the oil galleries and things.
Belting down the motorway.. I tried that once, when I accidentally got onto the M40 en route to Hook Norton. It was terrifying.. Coming down the slipway at sixtyfive thinking "let me in.... I can't stop and I can't go much faster.."