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Hijinks Ensue

Less organised than usual

Just getting ready to head down to Year of the Teledu, where I'm running three items. Extreme busyness over the past few weeks means:

I haven't finished planning The Race to Orbit, but I have collected quite a bit of random junk to use in it and I've designed the prizes.
I've only re-watched and made notes on the first five episodes of Torchwood.
I haven't built the walls for The Hole in the Wall Game, but I have obtained the materials and a delightfully tacky prize (actually, I cleaned the garage floor this morning and laid the poles out ready to start assembling them, then I realised that if I made them into walls they wouldn't fit in the car unless they were resting on top of my head).

But I have got Fenchurch ready in time to drive to Teledu, which sort of makes up for running behind on everything else.

I'm going to unplug the computer now and pack it up with everything else... See some of you in a few hours.


Good luck :-) Hope the programme items run smoothly. Hope it's not raining where you are, though depending on where you are heading, you might want to pack a boat ~ it's lashing down down south!

I'm staying up all night reading ;-) Hope you ahve fun :-)
It has been very wet, but it's looking dry today so we may be able to go outside later and shove people into a pool of water... Assuming I manage to get the walls built in time.
Hello, I've just returned from Teledu where I've spent two days wanting to go up to you and compliment you on your car (but not doing so because we've never previously spoken and I was worried about seeming odd/stalky/alarming).

It occurs to me that this is the kind of thing Livejournal is ideal for, so...

You have a fantastic car.


*departs looking far odder and stalkier than if they'd just said it in person*
Thanks :)

I've spent far too long getting her to the state she was in this weekend and there's still a fair bit to do. In a few weeks I'm hoping to take her on a rally from where I live in Burnley down to Land's End, then up to John O'Groats, over on a ferry to a classic car show on Orkney, than back home again.

I know what you mean; I also have difficulty introducing myself to strangers.