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Steam Sparky, Sparky

Bond 1: Dr No

I'm planning to (re)watch one or two James Bond movies a month as research for BC:2007 and, mostly for my own benefit, will be writing a few brief notes about each one.

Bond Movie no. 1: Dr No, released 1962. My Dad says he has fond memories of watching it in the cinema when it first came out. He must have been about 14 at the time.

!!Spoiler Warning!!

The following is just a series of random observations, not a proper review or synopsis.

Parts of the opening sequence (silhouettes dancing to music) remind me of Apple's iPod ads.
Bond's introduction: he is playing a high-stakes card game (and winning) against a classy, sophisticated, beautiful woman. He asks her name and she replies "Trench, Sylvia Trench" and asks his name in return. He replies "Bond, James Bond" while lighting a cigarette. She later sneaks into his room and seduces him before he leaves on his assignment.
M (smoking a pipe) takes Bond's "Damn Beretta" pistol away from him and insists he take a more powerful gun, saying the Beretta jammed on his last mission and put him in hospital for six months.
Car chases were fairly tame compared to the later movies.
Ridiculous assassination attempt involving a poisonous spider placed in Bond's bed at night.
Bond goes to the house of a woman he already knows to be working for Dr No, and seduces her (she lets him because she wants to stall him while she waits for an assassin to arrive and kill him). Then he calls for a police car to come and take her away, telling her he is calling for a taxi for himself, then seduces her a second time (slyly checking his watch to see how long he has) while waiting for the police car to arrive.
After the assassin eventually turns up, tries to kill Bond, and fails (he fires several times at the bed but Bond is actually waiting behind the door), they talk for a while, then he allows the assassin to grab his gun and fire it at him. When it clicks on empty, Bond says "that's a Smith and Wesson and you've had your six," and shoots him.
Ursula Andress as Honey Rider is gorgeous but has very little relevance to the plot.
Fire breathing dragon is actually a modified armoured car with a flame-thrower on the front.
Dr No invites Honey and Bond to dinner and tells them about his childhood, involvement with SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counterintelligence Terrorism Revenge Extortion), the loss of his hands, etc. He is a mad nuclear scientist who stole a large sum of money from a Chinese crime syndicate. He has used the money to build a nuclear power station on a small Caribbean island and plans to use it to destroy a Mercury capsule destined to travel around the Moon. I think this is in revenge for them refusing to employ him as a nuclear scientist due to his dodgy background, but that part seems a bit unclear.
Bond escapes from his prison cell through a conveniently large air conditioning duct and foils No's plan by triggering the reactor to melt down and pushing him into the reactor's cooling tank.
The film ends with Honey and Bond alone on a small boat (you can guess what happens next).
No sign of Q, and consequently very little in the way of special gadgets (a very clunky looking Geiger counter is about as far as it goes).

Overall, strong disbelief suspenders were needed in parts, but it was still great fun to watch 44 years after it was made.


(silhouettes dancing to music) remind me of Apple's iPod ads.
And Tales of the Unexpected??

Ridiculous assassination attempt involving a poisonous spider placed in Bond's bed at night
Ah yes, but now he will have a fear of spiders for the rest of his life ...very dasterdly

Gotta love those acronyms(sp)I got to admit that I haven't watched a Bond film in years, and the last oen I saw was probably a Roger Moore one. Isn' there more than a dozen Bond films? Are you going to watched all of them?

There are twenty official Bond Movies, and the 21st (Casino Royale) is scheduled to be released in November. I intend to pace myself such that I'll have finished watching the back catalogue in time to see CR at the cinema, so I suppose that means I'll have to watch about three a month...
Won't you get bored? In the run-up to th erelease of Half Blood Prince, I thought it'd be a jolly good idea to re-read the Potter books, starting from the very begining ~ I started to lose heart half way through the fourth book (I think), even though it is one of my favourites
Quite possibly. As I recall, some of the later films are rather poor.

I re-read LotR before the first movie was released, and I enjoyed it as much as if not more than I did the first time I read it, however it did have the drawback of making it easier to spot the flaws in the movie adaptation because the story was fresh in my mind.
Flaws, exaggerations and complete changes are the damnation of novel adaptions. See my icon for just one such example. It's only a minor point, but Hermione is meant to have brown hair, and in the book she wears BLUE dress robes! It's just one of those very, very irritating things ...
So that's what the blue/pink icon refers to. I did wonder...
Ursula Andress as Honey Rider is gorgeous but has very little relevance to the plot.

I wondered if someone else would realize this. Thank goodness.