Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Colour me astounded

I realised last week that I was going to run out of topcoat before finishing Fenchurch's respray. I ordered some more paint from the same paint factors I got the first lot from, and carried on spraying. The new tin arrived, I opened it up, and... It was clearly the wrong shade of blue. It looked like a dull, faded version of the paint I'd been using. I called the paint factors up and he said to send it back with a sample of the old paint for comparison.

I just made a paint sample; a small block of wood with the two colours on it, side by side. Something clicked in my brain, and I thought, "I've seen this before." Go take a look at this old post. The sample I've just made looks exactly like the simulated sample at the top of that page. Now compare the two simulated resprays in that post to the photo in this post. That's right, I've accidentally sprayed Fenchurch in Royale blue instead of Trafalgar. And she looks fantastic! :D

The paint factor must have made a mistake because the label on the old tin says Trafalgar but the shade is definitely Royale. The two colour codes are BU37 (Traf) and BU38 (Royale) so they may just have entered the wrong digit into the mixing machine or something. Because I was doing a colour change, I didn't realise the shade was different to what it was supposed to be. But I don't mind at all - Royale Blue Travellers are few and far between (it's debatable whether the factory ever produced any), and I think the colour looks lovely on her. The Royale is a much richer and more vibrant shade than the Trafalgar.

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