Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

In the past week I've:
  • Put several coats of Danish Oil on Fenchurch's woodwork. It's looking very nice.
  • Painted the floor of the passenger compartment with red oxide and two coats of blue Smoothrite.
  • Drilled a couple of pilot holes in the engine thermostat (long story - there is a good reason for doing this). I also enlarged the holes through the thermostat housing a bit to reduce the chances of it seizing onto the studs.
  • Re-fitted the windscreen wiper mechanism. This was made more difficult because I chose to replace the chrome-plated embellisher things where the wiper shafts come through the bodywork, and the replacement ones sit at a slightly different angle to the original ones. Either they're a rather poor pattern copy or they're actually intended for a different car (a Mini perhaps). Disappointingly, they don't actually work significantly faster or over a greater angle than they did before I rebuilt them (the angle is smaller than it should be because there's lots of backlash in the gearboxes - replacing them might help, but they're not terribly cheap). The new Tex wiper arms press against the screen with a lot more force than the tired old ones though, which means they do a better job of wiping water off.
  • Did quite a bit more spraying and flatting-down of external body panels. I've virtually run out of etch primer and grey primer now, so I'm trying hard not to rub through to bare metal again when flatting down the panels. I've got several panels ready to receive the topcoats, and the rest of them just need the primer flatting down again first.
Tags: morris minor

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