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Hijinks Ensue

Underground house

Apologies if you've already seen this on Boing Boing. Some of you will have listened to me ramble at length about my long-term dream of building an ecologically friendly underground house in the countryside, and thought me to be more than a little mad for considering it. Well, this house is exactly the kind of construction I'm talking about, and I think it proves that it's not only possible but it can be done for a much lower cost than a boring standard bricks and mortar house, providing you can manage to buy a suitable piece of land and obtain planning permission to build on it.


I love it! There are a couple of so-called 'hobbit houses' which have similar constructions. I shall now look with even less enthusiasm at inter-war semis in York.
Despite reading The Hobbit and LotR as a kid, I'd forgotten about how hobbit-houses were constructed and the connection didn't click until I saw a picture of one in a book about underground house construction. It certainly would be tempting to have a circular front door.

BTW I've been meaning to ask if you've seen watervole's recent posts about Dupuytren's?

And another thing... I recently noticed some wall anchors on a disused paper mill here in Nelson that's probably going to be demolished soon, so I took a photo of them:
Thanks for the link. Small world, isn't it! I shall investigate the radiation therapy - sounds much better than surgery, to me.

The photo show that this building is iron frame construction - it's typical to have the external plates in the Low Countries, but they are less common in the UK. The ones we have tend to be just simple discs - so it's nice to see something a little fancier!