Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Interesting statistic

The government has responded to the petition I wrote about earlier this year, which asked for the age of exemption for road tax on classic cars to be brought forward by a few years (there was another petition asking for the rolling exemption to be reinstated but I haven't seen a response to that one yet). There were 14,251 signatures in total with very little publicity (unlike the vehicle tracking one which was reported all over the place). Predictably, the response was another brush-off, but I hope it has at least brought to certain ministers' attention how many voters are interested in both classic cars and politics.

The part of the response I found most interesting is the statistic that there are 307,407 cars currently taxed in the historic vehicle class. The car has to have been built before 1973 to qualify for this (as well as having valid MOT and insurance etc.). That's roughly one per 200 UK residents. I wonder how much that would have increased by if they had decided to reset the age limit to 25 years before 2007 (1982), as it was when they fixed it to 1973 in 1998.
Tags: politics

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