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Hijinks Ensue


That was my favourite Doctor Who since The Empty Child. A strong intelligent protagonist, clever plot, genuinely scary enemy, and not a sonic screwdriver in sight. More like that, please.


Yes - seems to me that the present series is really getting its teeth into its exploration of the potential of a time-travelling Doctor.

I do hope some fans are even now busy identifying all the statues from the end sequence. As with people, I kept going 'oh, that's ... and that's ...' and not coming up with any names apart from 'ooh, I think that's from the memorial to the VAD - or was it the WRAAF?' and 'is that Bernard Shaw?' (which probably means it wasn't.
Yes, you're right, no sonic screwdriver!! Maybe he's finally lost the blessed thing. Brilliant episode :)
I quite liked the wibbly wobbly time detectory thing though :)
Definitely!! That's my kind of techno-speak!!