Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Concussion report 7 - Conclusion

I'm going to start off with a list of thanks.
Thanks to Judith for motivating me to volunteer to help Orbital, otherwise I probably wouldn't have got around to joining Concussion.
Thanks to SMS and James for trusting me to help organise Beyond Cyberdrome despite my never having been to an Eastercon before.
Thanks to Barbara for making me feel welcome when I first arrived.
Thanks to John Wilson buying me dinner and talking to me on Thursday and Friday evening - I didn't know very many people when I first arrived and without you I would probably have simply holed up in my bedroom in the evenings.
Thanks to Teddy, Andrew, James, and the rest of the Chaos costumers - it was great working in a room with you, even if we were a bit short of space.
Thanks to all the new friends I made (in no particular order and missing loads out because I have a terrible memory for names): Eira, Gillian, Bazooka, Andrew Langhammer, and John Stewart.
Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop and made a robot, or came to the event and shouted Arrr!
Thanks to the two women who did the FSM masquerade entry - I thought it was brilliant and I wish I could remember your names!
Thanks to the committee and staff for making everything possible.
Thanks to everyone else I really should have thanked but have forgotten to do so.

I've been hit by a sort of post-con hangover. I could tell when I was unloading the car that the last of my physical energy reserves were running down, the lack of sleep is now catching up on me, and I'm feeling rather melancholy about the imminent return to Real Life after my first Eastercon. It hit me a couple of hours ago that, yes, I really do have to get up at 7AM tomorrow morning to catch the bus to work, where they will probably have saved up about a week's worth of problems for me to fix, and most of them will have become super-urgent due to them having been delayed while I was away (unfortunately I'm the only guy in the company who knows how to do most of the stuff my job entails). I want to write a lengthy BC debriefing, but I'm going to do it in a separate post tomorrow as my faculties are rapidly deserting me now and I really do need to go to bed early.

I know I tend to grumble about little things occasionally, but really, Concussion was a lot of fun and I'm already looking forward to Convoy and Orbital. After Interaction, I wrote a positive report with a few small gripes in it, and got the standard response: why not volunteer and make things better? I still think I was justified in not volunteering at my first con (I did the must-go-to-every-panel-I-can thing), and hope I've now made up for it. Concussion was my second con and my first Eastercon, and I ended up pretty much running the BC workshop. Even before attending my first Eastercon, I sort-of-accidentally volunteered to help organise Orbital. I think next year I'm going to be playing the central organising role in BC from the beginning (mind you, SMS had already drunk quite a large quantity of Real Ale when he offered me the job...) I'm pretty sure that's not a normal con-going experience (if there is such a thing). I'm not complaining - in fact I think it's rather exciting. This is going to be fun.

Final instalment...
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