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Hijinks Ensue

You are not expected to understand this.

I made a lolgeek:

The photo is a 1970s Bell Labs publicity shot of Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, the main co-creators of Unix, working on a DEC PDP-11 minicomputer (original photo with more background). The text is a reference to an infamous comment in the source code of early versions of the Unix kernel (Dennis Ritchie's explanation).
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Unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to play with a real PDP11 or PDP8, though I have messed around with a PDP11 emulator. By the time I got to Uni nearly everything was PCs running Windows NT :(

I have the Lions book and it's an interesting read if you know C and are into Unix - the original kernel was beautifully clean and elegant before they started bolting TCP/IP stacks and VFS layers and things onto it.