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Hijinks Ensue

Polling day

I must be slacking, I was only the second voter to arrive at my polling station this year. They've implemented new high-tech unbreakable security measures to prevent ballot stuffing, which involve you showing the bar code printed on the back of the voting slip to the attendant, who goes, "oh yes, that looks like a bar code to me."

It took 15 minutes of searching last night just to find out who my candidates were. They don't appear to be listed anywhere on my council's web site - I eventually found them in a story on a local newspaper's site. There are two candidates in my ward: Lib-dem and Labour. I managed to find out their names, parties, and the fact that the labour candidate is the local constituency secretary and has previously run in other areas of the town. Nothing else. I already knew a bit about the Lib-dem candidate because she's our next door neighbour and we got a leaflet from her. Very poor show if you ask me.

For some reason I got confused about the dates and thought today was Star Wars Day, so I was hoping to see a late entry from our local Sith Party representative (those guys really know how to run a galaxy). Sadly they hadn't made it onto the ballot, so I voted Lib-dem again on the principle that even if I don't agree with all of Maureen's policies, I can at least go next door and talk to her about them.


I was late getting up so I didn't get to my polling station until about 8.30am, already a few people voting in there. Fortunately my polling station is only a slight detour from my route to the railway station.