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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

No JOGLE but maybe LEO instead

I bit the bullet and sent off my entry form for this year's Barnsley JOGLE (the John O' Groats to Land's End in 24 hours Morris Minor endurance run), but the organisers called today to say that they've decided to cancel it due to lack of interest :(

However, some guys on the Morris Minor Owner's Club forum are organising an alternative trip called LEO. No, not Low Earth Orbit, but Land's End to Orkney. It's a more sedate run than the JOGLE, taking three days to drive from Land's End to John O' Groats, with the arrival on Orkney timed to coincide with the Orkney Vintage Club Rally on Sunday the 12th of August. Splitting the journey up into a few sections means I probably wouldn't need a co-driver. I'd be looking at doing about 400 miles on the Wednesday, 300 on Thursday, 300 on Friday, 230 on Saturday, a ferry trip and however far it is from the terminal to the rally field on Sunday, and 480 on Monday.


It's a shame that the JOGLE had to be cancelled, but on the other hand, it's a real stroke of luck as the cancellation has introduced you to LEO. And the timing of LEO will leave you with time to finish your work on Fenchurch(?) :-)

I think it'll be a lot of fun and I hope Fenny will be ready :-)
I already knew about the LEO, but the JOGLE sounded more fun. I suspect I will probably end up doing the LEO instead. There's a few details to figure out yet like where we're going to stay overnight at the waypoints.

I'm really hoping to get Fenchurch on the road this month but I know I've been saying that for several months now...
H'mm.... Stick a bike in the back, perhaps? I wish i had such faith in mine. Mind you, while it's legally decreed immobile, it's running as sweet as a nut- ironic, that. Started like a dream on the second pull up this evening. Bet it won't last.
breaking the welder out next week.
Having said that, mine will be sorted for August..
I'm not sure whether it's faith or a form of insanity. I'm more stressed out about the trip to Glasgow at the end of this month right now - I'll be very annoyed with myself if I have to catch a train yet again. Sanding all the paint flat is taking forever.