Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

This past week I've:
  • Finally finished oiling Fenchurch's back door frames (yay). I lost count of how many coats I put on in the end.
  • Rebuilt the front door latches, including replacing the handles (the chrome was bubbling). The supplier got confused and sent me two left-hand handles, and after I returned one of them asking them to swap it for a right-hand one, they sent me yet another left-hand one.
  • Cleaned and re-greased the window winder mechanisms.
  • Cleaned the wiper gearboxes.
  • Stripped the old paint off all the door hinges and various small brackets and supports and things, wire-brushed them, rust-killed them, and primed them up to the guide-coat stage.
  • Primed and guide-coated the front valance and sill finisher channels.
Tags: morris minor

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