Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Concussion report 4 - Saturday

I'm posting this a day late as I didn't buy any Internet access yesterday.

It seems that my room doesn't have a shower so much as an uncontrollable raging torrent. It's like standing under a hot waterfall, and despite trying my best to keep it within the bath, I still managed to flood the floor. Luckily it seems to have been designed to stand flooding, being made from what appears to be a refrigerated slab of marble with sealant around the walls and at toe-stubbingly high lip at the door.

The Chaos Robotics workshop was reasonably busy all day, though I still haven't mastered James's ability to draw the kids into building stuff for themselves - I mostly ended up building things to their specifications. I popped out for a short break at one point, and while I was away and Eira was in charge, the air conditioner in the roof broke down and flooded the room. In the late afternoon I suddenly realised that nobody had made any use yet of the newly-purchased radio control kit (probably my fault for not being more proactive in pointing out that we have it and showing people how to use it), so I set about building a new radio controlled robot myself (hopefully I'll manage to pass it on to someone else to finish off), and I'll probably try to hack together some more quick and dirty radio controlled robots tomorrow. SMS has got some kind of spectacular planned for the event itself, but I don't think I'll be involved with the theatrics myself - that's not really my cup of tea. The lack of space in the workshop has caused some difficulty at times, but I still think it's infinitely preferable to a time-shared room. The hot wire foam cutter continued to prove a hit, with the costumers as well as with the robot builders.

I made it into the dealer's room at one point and bought a book (I had to restrain myself as I still haven't read all the books I brought back from Interaction), and I also met a couple more people who are involved in the Orbital bid.

The live theatre showing of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who was an interesting experience - totally different to watching it on your own in front of the TV. I'm still not convinced by the writing (Burn The Heretic!), but the actors and special effects are all excellent.

After that I went to a panel called It's not Easy Being Green, about environmentalism versus technology. The highlight was when an audience member stood up, announced she was too angry about the anti-environmentalist generalisations the panel were making to listen to it any more and walked out, then one of the panel went and brought her back and installed her on the panel in his place.

Lastly I went to a party that apparently had something to do with TAFF and Interaction. I wouldn't normally have gone because I no good at parties (I'm more of a party vegetable than a party animal), but James Bacon was one of the organisers and he talked me into it. After hanging around like a spare part for half an hour I decided I'd had enough and quietly headed back to my room to write this report and then go to bed.

Here's James Bacon and Bazooka hard at work in the Chaos Robotics workshop overhauling a Scalectrix set to take to the TAFF party:

Next instalment...
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