Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Contemplation report 4 - Monday

On Monday I got up, showered, breakfasted, discovered the WiFi was broken again, read a book for a bit, sat behind the Redemption/Orbital desks, went to the talk on Monorails, grabbed something to eat, went to the closing ceremony, then stayed behind for the brief feedback session. The next seven hours or so until I went to bed were spent at the dead dog party. The most interesting discussion of the evening for me was one that involved two Tarot readers, a third who was just learning Tarot, and a practitioner of Reiki Healing, none of whom would accept a supernatural explanation for why the things they do seem to work.

Contemplation was a good con; better than I expected given the very short notice, untried hotel, space limitations, no BC or Masquerade, etc. The hotel (the Chester Crowne Plaza) wasn't bad either - too small for a normal Eastercon, but it would be OK for a Redemption, with the advantage that they could probably fill all the bedrooms and not have the problems Red'07 had with disruptive members of the public trying to pick fights and crash the disco. Personally I thought it was a bit on the expensive side, and the Internet access situation was hopeless, but the staff were very friendly and it's in a good location if you like to be able to walk straight out of the con into a city centre. I don't think it was a good idea to put the smoking area right in the hub of the social space so you couldn't avoid walking through it, but since smoking is about to be banned entirely in public spaces that will soon be a non-issue. Hopefully they'll manage to fix the broken air conditioning system in the Kings suite soon - when you slid the wall across to divide it into two rooms, the left half quickly turned into a sauna and the right half became a freezer. The bedroom also had certain sauna-like qualities, requiring us to run the air conditioning for long periods despite the reasonably low outdoor temperatures (it was only on Monday that I discovered a hidden latch which you could push to open the window more than a crack).

To sum up: another good con, lots more friends made, the Intermission Games went off well, Orbital plans and memberships are progressing nicely, and we've possibly found a new con hotel.
Tags: conreps, cons, eastercon

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