Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Wasn't she supposed to be blue?

This is what Fenchurch looks like after I spent most of the day spraying grey primer on her. I had hoped on Friday to have finished spraying the body shell by now, but that was unrealistic. I need to put a guide coat on next to show up any faults (scratches and things that show through the primer), flat it down to eliminate the faults, touch the primer up if I rub through to the metal anywhere, then put a final coat of primer on before I can start on the top (colour) coats.

The air in the garage doesn't seem dusty, but there's always some little bits of muck stuck to the paint after I've sprayed a coat. At least one advantage of spraying at this time of year is that I haven't had any kamikaze flies yet.
Tags: morris minor, photos

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