Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

In the past week I've:
  • Given Fenchurch's front bumper to my dad for him to prepare it for painting and make the new number plate bracket.
  • Stripped all the paint off the grille (several layers with lots of fiddly bits), wire-brushed it, sanded out the remaining rust patches, applied rust-killer, sprayed it with zinc primer, sprayed it with several coats of acrylic topcoat (a creamy off-white colour called Arum White that I found in the bargain box at the local motor factors), and polished it with Farecla G3 for the final finish.
  • Wire-brushed all the paint and rust off the underside of the bonnet.
  • Wire-brushed the loose rust off the Riley 1.5 drums and backplates, sanded them, rust-killed them, painted the backplates with zinc primer, sprayed the outside of the drums with several coats of matt black high temperature paint (sold in Wilkinsons as barbecue paint), and cured the paint with a large propane blowtorch.
  • Replaced the bolts in the rear bumper with the correct type.
  • Stripped all the paint off the radiator panel (several layers on a very awkwardly shaped panel with several inaccessible spots, some of the paint applied over the top of old rust), wire brushed it, sanded out as much as possible of the rust patches, and applied rust-killer to the remainder.
  • Sanded/wire-brushed out the rust and paint on the right-hand rear wing.
  • Stripped all the paint off the left-hand rear wing (I was hoping to get away without going back to bare metal but on close inspection it turned out to be covered in rust spots).
  • Drilled new mounting holes in both rear wings for the coach bolts that hold them to the wood.
Tags: morris minor

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