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Morris Minor, Fenchurch

The box

I received a small cardboard box today. In theory it contains a Morris Minor fuel pump diaphragm.

It's sealed with brown paper parcel tape, and a faded label says it was packed in August 1976. That's several years before I was born. Somebody in a factory in Dudley built a little time machine to transport a small rubber disc three decades into the future. I can't bring myself to open it and find out if the part is really in there or not. It's a potential petrol pump part package and I'm going to allow it to remain that way for the time being.


Oooooh, it's a time capsule!!
Hmm - "Schrodinger's diaphragm"?
A time capsule from a distant past ...maybe it contains secrets of exactly why sideburns and mullets were popular? Have you opened it now?
Did the paper crumple with the exposure to todays overheated miasma of polluted gases and radiation?... sorry, just abit too dramatic I think ;-)
No, it's still sealed. I had to hide it away because the urge to open it was distracting me.
Oooh yer... I'd better bung that top end to you. Forgot about that.
There's no rush - rebuilding the spare pump is way down my list of priorities.