Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

In the past couple of weeks I've:

  • Filled a dent in Fenchurch's driver's door.
  • Stripped the back doors down to the bare frames, scraped all the old sticky sealant off, sanded the wood, and scraped the remaining varnish off the outside.
  • Spent another couple of days repeatedly bleaching all the wood (including the back doors). The last couple of times made no visible difference at all, so I've decided to stop even though there are still some stains remaining - I think they must be caused by something that isn't affected by the bleach. I'm not aiming for Concours standard so it doesn't really matter that the wood is showing its age a little.
  • Stripped the paint off the passenger-side rear wing. It lifted very easily indeed, and the metal underneath is covered with tiny rust spots, so it was definitely the right decision to go back to bare metal on this panel.
  • Stripped the paint off the front panel. I did this one because the finish looked rather odd, it had rusted in a few places, and bizarrely it was painted in two different colours (parts of it were red). It turned out to have about five thick coats of paint, and the chemical stripper had trouble lifting them all.

Not as much as I would have liked to have done since my last update, but Redemption ate up a long weekend in the middle of it. I had booked last Friday off work too but we were so busy they cancelled it (I'm probably going to run out of time to use up my remaining holiday allowance again this year).
Tags: morris minor

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