Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

The past few weeks I have mostly been spending my spare time...

Playing with electrickery. Designing electronic gadgets, to be specific. It started off as an idea to make a simple speed controller (SSC) for Beyond Cyberdrome, but after I got it working I got a bit carried away and have now also developed a dual radio controlled switch (DRCS) and a single radio controlled switch (SRCS), and am considering trying to sell all three designs as self-assembly kits (thereby hopefully dodging some of the burdensome legislation that applies to electronics manufacturers). This is far from the first time I've had ideas along these lines, but I usually don't get as far as a working prototype. Pictures after the cut...

From the top, the boards in this picture are SSC Revision 1, SSC R2, SSC R2 on a professionally made PCB (I had a batch of six made up by Olimex - SSC and DRCS are 1/6th of a Eurocard and SRCS is 1/9th of a Eurocard), DRCS R1, DRCS R2, SRCS R1, and the bottom side of an unpopulated SSC R2.
Next step: make some very minor revisions to all three designs, order another batch of professionally manufactured boards, then assemble several of each to fulfil the original design goal of taking them to this year's Eastercon to use in the BC workshop. After that I've been trying to decide what to develop next. I have some ideas for a slightly more complicated speed controller (SMCSC), and I've also been thinking about doing some kind of intelligent robot controller. To be honest, the intelligent robot controller is one of the products I started to develop ages ago and never completed.
Tags: beyond cyberdrome, electronics, photos

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