Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

For comparison...

I haven't quite finished bleaching Fenchurch's wood yet, but to demonstrate the effect it's had, here is a photo I took this morning alongside one of the untreated back doors for comparison:

I have to admit it doesn't quite look that good close-up. The worst bits are the foot rails:

They look miles better than they did before bleaching though. I'm probably never going to get the wood absolutely perfect short of replacing it all, but she is 44 years old after all, and I think a few small imperfections add to her character.

After deciding I'm going to catch the train to Redemption, I can relax a bit and stop trying to get everything done in less than two weeks. I think I'll take a short break from wood-bleaching and spend today sanding out rust spots on the various external body panels I have up in the workshop. One of the rear wings is probably going to need stripping back to bare metal because it's been replaced at some point and the paint hasn't stuck very well to it.
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