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Working on it

Minor update

This past week I finished rebuilding the bottom of Fenchurch's driver's door. That was definitely the most difficult bodywork restoration task I've carried out so far. The worst part was altering the panels to make it all fit together with any degree of accuracy. Both the long seams distorted a bit when I welded them together, despite doing it in lots of short bursts with cooling periods between. I think the distortion on the outer panel shouldn't be too obvious after I've filled the sunken parts and sanded it flat, and the seam on the inside isn't in a place you tend to look too closely at (it's very low down, below the trim panel). I'm certainly glad I don't need to do the same job on the passenger door, though I suspect with the experience gained I could now do it more neatly.

On the positive side, I've virtually finished the welding now apart from building my new heater, and I suspect that job will end up waiting until after Fenchurch is back on the road (I can always wear a coat and carry a cloth to wipe the condensation off the windscreen - there was a time when car heaters were a luxury optional extra).


Re: Corrie

Thanks. I don't watch Corrie, but there has been some discussion on this subject on the Morris Minor Owner's Club forum. Apparently there was a Moggy on Eastenders too, there's one on the credits of Antique's Road Show, and Heartbeat keeps wrecking them by setting fire to them or driving them through the sea...

Doing the restoration yourself is a lot of work but I like to think the end result is more satisfying than if you paid somebody to do it for you, and you learn an awful lot in the process.