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Hijinks Ensue

Grammar pedantry of the day

I just saw a woman in a shop wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Your the reason I believe in love." Nice thought, if only it made sense.

It's below zero outside, and it was 7.7C in the office when I arrived. I've put my thick winter coat on for the first time this year.


You can either wear a drysuit with something wooly/fleecy underneath (though drysuit is a bit of a misnomer as you inevitably get wet anyway), or you can wear a thick wetsuit. I've always used the former but it's a matter of preference really. Wetsuits are better for very wet caves, and they provide extra cushioning against knocks and scrapes, but they tend to restrict your movement a bit and they can get very hot if you're exerting a lot of energy in a dry section of cave.

The temperature generally isn't much different to what it is in the summer once you get more than a few metres under the surface. It's entrance waterfalls and the trek over the moors to/from the cave where you can wind up freezing cold.

Caving is actually one of the most practical winter outdoor activities because of the near-constant underground temperature, providing you don't mind occasionally having to get changed outside in the middle of a blizzard ;)