Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

Last Monday I applied filler over the welded areas of Fenchurch's front outer wings and sanded it down smooth. The result looks pretty good so far, but I won't know for sure how good a job I've done until I spray the primer on, flat it down, and apply a guide coat.

I didn't manage to get anything done on Fenchurch in the evenings last week as I was working on something for Orbital instead.

This weekend I've been working on repairing the bottom of her driver's door using a couple of commercial repair panels and various home-made sections. It's very tricky to get everything to line up properly, and neither of the commercial panels quite match perfectly up to the original door. I'm going to have to weld a 4mm folded extension onto one end of the outer skin panel and do a bit of creative folding on the other end to shorten it a bit. It has a joggled overlap to help line it up, but the joggle isn't as deep as the original metal so it leaves a slight step. Hopefully filler will be enough to hide that because I don't really want to try to deepen the joggle.

Tags: fenchurch, morris minor, photos

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