Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

That wasn't too bad

I heard this afternoon while at work that the main road between Burnley (where I live) and Nelson (where I work) was closed because the roof of a factory had blown off in the gales and landed in the middle of the road. Since the bus I catch uses that road, I was expecting the journey home to be interesting. After waiting for most of an hour, a different bus to the one I usually catch turned up, and I decided to get on that rather than take the chance that "my" bus might be not far behind. It bypassed the closed road via a slow and circuitous back route, and terminated at Burnley station. There was no sign of another bus going up Manchester road any time soon, so I ended up calling my dad to beg a lift.

On the plus side, the roof is still on both the house and the office, and the garage hasn't blown away. When I was little I remember watching my dad lash down our old wooden garage in weather not unlike this - it had broken loose of its foundations and with each gust it lifted up into the air and he had to grab on and hold it down.
Tags: weather

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