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Hijinks Ensue

That wasn't too bad

I heard this afternoon while at work that the main road between Burnley (where I live) and Nelson (where I work) was closed because the roof of a factory had blown off in the gales and landed in the middle of the road. Since the bus I catch uses that road, I was expecting the journey home to be interesting. After waiting for most of an hour, a different bus to the one I usually catch turned up, and I decided to get on that rather than take the chance that "my" bus might be not far behind. It bypassed the closed road via a slow and circuitous back route, and terminated at Burnley station. There was no sign of another bus going up Manchester road any time soon, so I ended up calling my dad to beg a lift.

On the plus side, the roof is still on both the house and the office, and the garage hasn't blown away. When I was little I remember watching my dad lash down our old wooden garage in weather not unlike this - it had broken loose of its foundations and with each gust it lifted up into the air and he had to grab on and hold it down.


I'm glad there was a bus running to get you home
:-). Was the change to a replacement service well advertised and stuff? One time (when I was still 'working') my train stopped at Laindon, on the way home from London, and wouldn't go any further for some reason (can't rememebr why.) AT least three trains had already stopped in front of ours, and all were packed with London ~ Southend commuters. Replacement buses were put on, and alot of peopel got taxis or other lifts ~ but the station was PACKED. ALot of locals, including me decided to walk home. And then it started to rain...

When I was little I remember watching my dad lash down our old wooden garage in weather not unlike this
Was that the storm of '87? Our back garden fence came down in that storm. We would cut through the gap in the fencen and go to the shops via the back alleys lol (it was quicker.) A well lot of damage was done that year, but as far as I know, locals have been okay this time ~ the gales weren't all that bad down here.
It wasn't a replacement service as such, it was the standard "Main Line" service but going less frequently and via a different route. They're not too bad at telling you what's going on if you're at Burnley bus station because the bus company has an office there, but we never hear what's happening at Nelson and in fact if the X43 is running late they sometimes don't even bother sending it on to Nelson.

I think the year the old garage nearly blew away must have been about 1984 or 85 at a guess.