Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Apple's iPhone

<Apple Fanboy>OMG, Apple's new iPhone is the most wonderful gadget ever made. Drool.</Apple Fanboy>

Back here in the real world, it can't possibly be as cool as it looks but I still want one. The way it handles browsing, zooming and rotating when displaying photos is just beautiful. I was about to complain that it doesn't have a GPS receiver so you can't use it as a sat-nav, then I realised it has Bluetooth so you could potentially just pair it with a separate Bluetooth module and load some appropriate software on. It runs a version of OSX, and I suspect you'll be able to develop your own widgets for it in xCode.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is what kind of storage expansion slot it will have. Edit: Apparently it won't have one :(
Tags: apple, phones
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