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Hijinks Ensue

Apple's iPhone

<Apple Fanboy>OMG, Apple's new iPhone is the most wonderful gadget ever made. Drool.</Apple Fanboy>

Back here in the real world, it can't possibly be as cool as it looks but I still want one. The way it handles browsing, zooming and rotating when displaying photos is just beautiful. I was about to complain that it doesn't have a GPS receiver so you can't use it as a sat-nav, then I realised it has Bluetooth so you could potentially just pair it with a separate Bluetooth module and load some appropriate software on. It runs a version of OSX, and I suspect you'll be able to develop your own widgets for it in xCode.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is what kind of storage expansion slot it will have. Edit: Apparently it won't have one :(
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According to various sources, no expansion slots...

And a lot of those features are already available on other phones now.

I'm a cynic when it comes to this stuff.
I know you can already get smartphones with similar feature lists, but none of them have such a lovely user interface. It'll be a shame if it doesn't have any kind of memory card slot.
I'm still not convinced about the UI - there's some really cool stuff being launched at 3GSM in Feb.
not to mention thelack of 3g .. and its not the picture messaging i'm talking about but the internet ...

Sorry its too expensive, too flashy and doesnt do what I need - oh its a mac - of course ...