Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

That "new year" meme

I think this meme originated over here. The idea is to give either two answers to each of these seven categories or seven answers to two of them:
* Things you learned in 2006.
* People you met in 2006.
* Things you don't want to take with you into 2007.
* Things you want to hold close as you pass into 2007.
* Things you're looking forward to in 2007.
* Things that were life-changing for you in 2006.
* Things you hope to accomplish by the end of 2007.

My answers:

Two things I learned in 2006.
1. Near the beginning of the year I developed some RC speed controllers, and in the process learned a lot of deeply technical and probably not very interesting stuff about MOSFETs and H bridge driver circuits.
2. After buying a slightly rusty Morris Minor, I learned how to MIG-weld well enough to repair car bodywork.

Two people I met in 2006.
(How can I possibly limit this to two? I probably met more new people in 2006 than in the four or five years beforehand.)
1. At the Eastercon I met SMS.
2. At Novacon I met quasi_hayley.

Two things I don't want to take with me into 2007.
1. My social anxiety.
2. My bus pass (too late: I already renewed it for January - hopefully I won't need it too much longer though).

Two things I want to hold close as I pass into 2007.
1. My parents, who continue to put up with me regardless of my various failings and occasional grumpiness.
2. My naive optimism that things aren't really as bad as they sometimes seem, and that it will All Turn Out Nice Again in the end.

Two things I'm looking forward to in 2007.
1. Contemplation.
2. The Barnsley JOGLE.

Two things that were life-changing for me in 2006.
1. The car crash I had at the end of January, and everything that followed on as a result of that.
2. Going to my first Eastercon.

Two things I hope to accomplish by the end of 2007.
1. Get Fenchurch back on the road (hopefully well before the end of the year!).
2. Do something about the rut I'm stuck in in terms of my career, personal life, etc.

I've got a quiet night in front of the telly planned after I post this - the parental units are heading off out soon to spend the night with my mum's cousin.

PS. Happy Hogswatch!
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