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Hijinks Ensue

First entry

OK, this is probably a bad idea. I used to have a diary on my web page several years ago, but I wasted half an hour a day writing it and usually nobody read it but me. I took it down after a client mentioned something I'd written about doing when I was supposed to be working on his (overdue) project. So I don't expect to be posting regular entries talking about what I'm getting up to. Another problem is that I'm trying to write Science Fiction in my spare time, and I've already got enough ways to procrastinate (mailing lists, RSS, newsgroups, etc.) without adding another. But when I went to the Worldcon this year, I was amazed by how many fans and authors have LiveJournal accounts. So I've decided to join up just to see what the fuss is about, and so that I can comment non-anonymously. I would have preferred the username "alexholden" but unfortunately somebody already used that to create a fake account about the actress Alexandra Holden.


The advantage of LJ is that you can friends lock postings so that clients can't see them.

I use half a dozen filters on my journal for different groups of people. I post a lot public, but if I was posting about a pupil then I'd always lock it so that none of them could be inadvertantly embarassed by anything I post. (not that I say anything nasty about them, but friends can tease about almost anything if you're young and shy)
I so don't recognise you from your icon.

From this, I assume that I met you at A Party.

Welcome to Lj....
Hi Flick. You blew my whistle in the Sexual Just a Minute game ;)
Ah, that's who you are.
I do tend to be kind of inconspicuous.
Ah, gocha! Thanks.