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Hijinks Ensue

Jig Dog

I recently made a simple jig doll (limberjack) dog for my niece's birthday. It's loosely based on my mum's Yorkshire Terrier, Amber.

I made her partly as an experiment to find out how lifelike a puppet can be if its parts are simply flat scroll-cut profiles with no additional shaping. I think she turned out pretty well. The method is a fair bit quicker than the fully carved puppets I've made in the past.

She and the plank she dances on are both made from a plank of mystery hardwood salvaged from an Indian packing crate. It feels a lot like oak. We've got quite a few more of these planks, though they do need planing and sanding to get a pretty surface:

Lie Down!



Here's a little video of me playing about with her (inexpertly and without musical accompaniment):

I'm willing to take commissions to make custom-designed jig dolls. Email me (alex at alexholden dot net) if interested.


Wow, that came out really well. I love the leg movement.

I think I'd have placed the rod slightly higher in the body just to give more clearance between fingers and plank, but apart from that he's great. I think your niece will be delighted.