Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Another Cut Coin

I made another cut coin pendant for my mum's Christmas present, this time from an 1899 silver sixpence.


The six pence is a bit larger and thicker than the threepence I used previously (it's also twice as heavy, its value at the time being directly related to how much precious metal it contained). The design on the tail is a little different too, giving more space in the middle that can be replaced with something else (in this case, my mum's first initial). I removed the year because it didn't have any particular significance - it was just a pre-1920 sixpence that happened to be relatively common and therefore not too expensive to find an example that wasn't badly worn. The S I used for the initial is based on a blown-up version of the S in the original design.


I made a few mistakes in this one, the most obvious being the laurel fruit at six o'clock that broke off, leaving a bit of a gap in the wreath. A worse problem was a structural break in the wreath to the left of the knot at the bottom, which I had to solder back together then carefully cut and file back into shape. I don't think you would notice the repair with the naked eye unless you were looking for it (it's a bit easier to see on the back). The soldering of the attachment ring wasn't the neatest job either.

Tags: christmas, jewellery, photos

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