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Hijinks Ensue

That "personal DNA map" personality test meme

This latest personality test takes a while to fill in, but the results are more detailed than usual and seem pretty accurate too:

Considerate Idealist


They do tend to multiply. I could easily see myself picking up a tatty Saloon as a new project once Fenchurch is back on the road.

Luckily Fenchurch is structurally pretty sound - she needed a few bits of welding here and there, but nothing too major, and the woodwork looks worse than it is (it's mainly surface staining). I'm putting a lot of effort in now on rustproofing and wood preservation etc. to prevent her collapsing in a heap of rust in a couple of years time.

I'm not entirely sure if we've met IRL at a con or something, but I'm about to friend your LJ...