Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden


I made Horace for my youngest niece's birthday present:


Here's what the postcard accompanying him said:

Hi! My name is Horace. I am a Ferrosaurus Minimus. I used to live in a colliery called Happy Valley[1] but it ran out of coal. Can I live with you now? I like to eat Anthracite, salt and vinegar crisps, pasties, limestone, charcoal, bacon butties, haematite, sardines, beer, chili peppers, fire, sausage rolls, gravel, matches and beans on toast. Lignite gives me wind. I can see well in the dark and have a keen sense of smell so will be an ideal guard-lizard. Clowns are scared of me. I am quite brave and very loyal. I am not afraid of fire but I can't swim and don't like to get wet. I like ponies and digging. I don't like sandals. Bananas scare me. My favourite colour is black. My favourite smell is steam. My favourite sound is "chink." The sky worries me. Hope you will be my friend! Horace.


I forged him from a piece of 1" round mild steel bar, about 4" long. His tail wound up far too long when I first drew it out, so I docked about 8" off and drew it out again before forming the scroll. The colouring is a result of burnishing him with a fine brass wire brush while still hot.

[1] Actually existed near Burnley, though it was officially called Hapton Valley. Friends and probably relations worked there. It closed when I was about four. Of course the real situation was a bit more complicated than "ran out of coal."
Tags: blacksmithing, photos

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