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Hijinks Ensue

Little Bruno

I recently whittled a little dog as a present for my friend SMS, who has published a lovely illustrated kids' story book called If I had a Dog.


He's based on SMS's childhood companion, Bruno, who was a Labrador/Great Dane cross.


I whittled him from limewood then applied a coat of sanding sealer. The lips, pupils, nose and claws were charred with a piece of steel wire that I heated until red hot in a gas flame. The branch in his mouth was pruned from my bonsai Chinese Elm tree. He isn't anatomically correct. ;)


Here he is being sniffed by Pippin (one of my mum's Yorkies).


Oh, cute! I love it! :-)

You made such a great expression on that dog's face. Who could resist throwing a stick for such a great character :D