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Hijinks Ensue

Anyone want to buy an Eastercon membership?

Unfortunately my finances are in no better state than when I had to skip Redemption last month (and Return of the Ring last year), so it looks like I'm going to have to give Eastercon a miss this year. Does anyone want to buy my full adult attending membership at a discount? I'd be happy to accept £40, or make me an offer. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

ETA: Membership sold.

Fingers crossed that I'll be able to afford to go to Satellite 4 and Worldcon next year.


Drat, I would have bought it off you ... oh well, got to keep looking ... glad you found a (probable) buyer!
Sorry about that, I didn't know you were looking or I would have offered it to you first.

No worries!

Thank you. I'd only just got around to start looking for one, and *just* too late for yours ...

However, I'm all sorted now, found someone else that had a spare membership that they were happy to pass on to a worthy cause :-)

Re: No worries!

It's apparently going to a skint student who hasn't been to a con before, which is nice (though they haven't yet replied to my email asking how they want to pay).

Glad you found one!

Re: No worries!

P.S. wibble_puppy says hello! :)


still looking for more memberships

yeah sorry Chris I bought it for a really poor dutch student:)(money been transferred by the way:)..so not provisionall please!!..
However since I am bringing three poor dutch studetns.. any more memberships greatly appreciated.