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Hijinks Ensue

Software Naming

For Odyssey 2010, watervole designed the convention programme using sugoll's excellent progdb system. It's a great tool for organising a convention but it doesn't by itself create the kind of nicely-formatted outputs that you want to print in a convention's README. I was doing Publications that year and I invested a lot of time writing a piece of software to do just that.

Because its initial purpose was simply to read data from ProgDB and automatically produce output suitable for inclusion in a README, I called it progdb_to_readme. This was a rubbish name to start with and got less appropriate as I extended the program to produce other kinds of output, including an iCalendar file and various reports. It didn't matter too much for Odyssey because progdb_to_readme lived only in my computer - I ran the program when I wanted to generate the various outputs and emailed the results off to other people.

Now steverogerson is using ProgDB to design the programme for Olympus 2012[1] and cobrabay is doing Publications, so I've been asked to supply them with progdb_to_readme. I've spent the past few days dealing with a few new feature requests and designing a GUI to make it easier to use, and my next job is to work out how to go from a NetBeans Java project to a distributable application package[2].

I've been thinking though, that if I'm ever going to come up with a better name for the program, now is the time to do it. Any suggestions?

Update: in the absence of any better ideas, I've decided to call it ConText.

[1] I wonder what Illustrious 2011 did? I thought they were using ProgDB but there was a lot of last minute confusion about the programme and nobody contacted me to ask about progdb_to_readme, so I assume they designed the publications manually.
[2] OSX first because that's what I'm using, but it should be easily portable to any platform that has OpenOffice and Java.


Illustrious: Mad Elf was using the XML dump for something...

What sort of name do you want? Descriptive? Con-related? Whimsical? Cool? Fannish? Punnish? Not fussed?

Concepts that come to mind: vaporisation, crystalisation, collapsing probability waves, map projections, Mappa Mundi, snapshots, fossils, fulgurites...

...I'll stop there, before I end up down a Rabbi--

-- Rabbit holes, Alice, etc. are all possibilities too, given the Readme/DrinkMe/EatMe connotations.
I've been trying to come up with puns and portmanteaus involving con, pub, prog, print, docs, etc. that are at least vaguely indicative of what the program does. I haven't had much success.

ConScribe would be a good name if it didn't actually mean something completely unrelated.

ConTextualise (or ConText or something similar) is the best idea I've come up with so far.