Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

That "end of the year" meme

Another meme I stole from dougs, here is the first sentence of the first entry I wrote in each month of 2006:

January: Restoring my lathe.
February: Two different garages have said the Volvo is beyond economic repair (one quoted £650 and the car IMHO is worth about £500 once I remove my stereo).
March: Playing with electrickery.
April: I finished building Rampaging Roger, Beyond Cyberdrome 2006's Houseboat Robot, this afternoon.
May: After several months of being distracted by other things, several wildly unrelated ideas clicked together in my head yesterday to make a short story idea, and I managed to write the first draft today.
June: I've just finished the seventh draft of my latest short story.
July: I would like some recommendations for good comedy science fiction novels or short story anthologies that I haven't read.
August: I now know why the guy who sold Fenchurch to me said he thought the petrol tank was full of gunge, and why he'd connected a can up inside the engine bay to get it running: no fuel is getting from the tank to the pump, which just merrily ticks away without delivering anything to the carb.
September: This past week I (with some help from my dad):
October: Last week we fitted the new wheels, painted and reassembled the rear bumper, did a few other small MOT-preparation jobs, then spent two evenings welding patches under Fenchurch's body.
November: I saw the third episode of Torchwood last night and loved it.
December: This morning's entertainment was a trip to A&E, where a pretty nurse poked me in the eye with a stick, told me she couldn't get it out, and sent me to a ward where a doctor poked me in both eyes with a piece of machinery, then dug around in one of them with a sharp implement.
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