Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Minor update

It's been slightly over a month since my last Minor Update so I'd better do another one to let you know that progress is still being made, albeit rather slower than I'd like. A lot of other non-car-related stuff has happened this past month so I haven't been able to spend as much time working on Fenchurch. Having her in the garage below the office is good in that it's a much better working environment than the leaky cramped garage we have at home, but it does cause some problems in that I'm a bit limited in when I can work there, especially since the bus takes something like 45 minutes each way and doesn't always run when I want it to (particularly on Sundays - the lateness of the first bus means I don't get there until about 10:30).

There's probably more stuff that I've forgotten, but these are the main things I've done on Fenchurch in the past month:
  • Rigged up a CCTV system in the garage (see this earlier post).
  • Cleaned and tidied the garage to some extent. It's not up to clean-room standards, but it's far cleaner than the garage at home. I've been trying to clean up after every session in the garage too as it stops the mess building up.
  • Bought all the paint and stuff I need to do the respray. As I've probably mentioned earlier, I'm changing the colour from Almond Green to Trafalgar Blue.
  • Removed all the doors, wings, bonnet, bumpers, front panel, wheels, etc.
  • When I took the front wings off, I discovered some rot at the rear of the inner wings. This is apparently a common problem on Morris Minors - there's several skins of metal there and water/mud can get trapped between them and rot the metal. Repairing this properly involved quite a bit of cutting, grinding, and welding. See this thread for more details.
  • Started sanding the woodwork down. It's already looking quite a bit better than it did, but there are large patches of the original varnish that don't seem to want to sand off easily - I think I'm going to try carefully using paintstripper on those bits next.

I'm hoping to pick up the pace a bit this month. In an ideal world I'd like to have her back on the road before I return to work at the start of next year. Whether that will be possible remains to be seen, but it's a target to aim for at least.
Tags: fenchurch, morris minor

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