Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Optical adventures

This morning's entertainment was a trip to A&E, where a pretty nurse poked me in the eye with a stick, told me she couldn't get it out, and sent me to a ward where a doctor poked me in both eyes with a piece of machinery, then dug around in one of them with a sharp implement.

Last night when I was working on my car (grinding welds flat), I took my goggles off and a piece of sharp grit fell out of my hair into my left eye. I didn't think too much of it at the time - that kind of thing happens all the time when you're working on old cars. Later on in the evening I could feel it stuck under my eyelid. All the usual techniques to get it out failed and it got progressively more irritated, so I went to bed early, hoping it would wash itself out overnight if I left it alone.

This morning I found that it had moved. It was now visible but embedded in the surface of the eye, so I waited until the busses started running and made my way to A&E. A couple of hours' wait, then the aforementioned nurse applied a local anaesthetic and tried to push the grit out with some kind of oversized cotton bud. It was stuck fast, so she sent me up to the ophthalmology ward, where after waiting a further half an hour, the doctor on duty carried out various tests on both eyes, then got out a needle-like implement and asked me to be very still indeed while she picked the grit out. Finally I was sent down to the hospital pharmacy for a 15 minute wait (at least they were getting shorter!) to pick up some antibiotic eye ointment.

Upon reaching the office, I attempted to apply the ointment (a thick gel in a tube) without getting it all over the place, and in doing so managed to knock the mirror I was using off the shelf and broke it! Now the anaesthetic is wearing off and it's starting to get sore again. Annoyingly it still feels like there's something stuck under the eyelid - hopefully that's just some irritation left over from last night, and there isn't actually a second piece of grit stuck where I can't see it.

That may well be the last time I'm able to use Burnley's local A&E department. They're going to close it down soon and make patients travel over ten miles to Blackburn instead.
Tags: ouch

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