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Working on it

Wobbly welding

Lintilla failed her MOT on Saturday due to a small rust hole near one of the rear spring hangers. Here's what it looked like after I'd cleaned it up:

The rusty metal below the surface is the original boot floor. The new hole is in a previous dodgy patch - probably water leaking into the boot has got between the two skins and rusted the patch from the inside out. I didn't want to take her off the road to do a proper repair though so I've reluctantly bodged another patch on top of the old one:

[insert excuses for the horrible ugly weld here: poor access and visibility, working upside down with molten metal spattering onto my arm, out of practice, welder playing up due to lack of use and storage in a damp barn, welding onto old rusty thin metal, patch made from a bit of old rusty door hinge, etc.]

Hopefully it will be good enough to get her through the test. Once Fenchurch is back on the road I'll have the opportunity to lavish Lin with a bit more attention than she's been getting recently.


Wow! That is one ugly, ugly weld. I was v impressed that you cut the patch out of an old door hinge - way to go :)
No no no, you're supposed to say, "that's a lovely neat weld dear; how clever you are to prevail despite such terrible working conditions and faulty tools." ;)
Thinking about it, I was out while that weld was actually done - but before I went I did see Bosch hanging around the car. I reckon you gave him a go on the welder.