Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

Picking a colour

Fenchurch needs a respray. She's currently Almond Green, which is a boringly common Minor colour (when I mentioned to my aunt I'd bought another Moggy, the first thing she said was, "Is it the standard green?"). So I'm planning to spray her a different colour. I've narrowed it down to two choices: Trafalgar Blue or Royale Blue. Trafalgar is a relatively common Minor colour, but I'm not sure if Minors were ever made in Royale; it's listed in a couple of different tables, and it was definitely used on some other cars that BMC made around the same time period, but nobody seems to remember ever having seen a Minor in that colour. I've got hold of samples of both colours and painted them onto test-pieces, and from that I created this image comparing the two. These look pretty accurate on my monitor but yours will probably show them slightly different to mine:

That is what they look like under office lighting - they both look brighter outdoors.

I then modified an existing photo of Fenchurch to simulate roughly what she would look like in each colour.

Here is the original photo:

Here she is in Trafalgar Blue:

Here she is in Royale Blue:

What do you think?

Update: OK, so the consensus (both here and elsewhere) is overwhelmingly in favour of Trafalgar. I do still love Royale Blue but I think maybe it's a bit too "rich" for a Moggy - I reckon it would look good on an old sports car or a Rolls or something.
Tags: fenchurch, morris minor, photos

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